About Creative Wellness Retreats

We guide you to a deeper understanding of your brand of creativity.

Creative Wellness Retreats

Creative Wellness Retreats are designed to uniquely fit your artistic path and gently guide you to a deeper understanding of your specific brand of creativity.

Using Myers-Briggs personality type assessments and coaching techniques from Kaizen-Muse, our creative wellness coaches will lead you through healing exercises designed specifically for the way you experience creativity.

What is Creative Wellness?

Dr. George Simon, PhD said in an article that, “Creativity is not only linked to a sense of well-being but also to general wellness.” Research studies show that engaging in an act of creativity is linked to longer, healthier lives.

But when your creativity becomes your career, something happens. Creativity ceases to be an act of play and joy and becomes...work. Because of this, creative types (authors, artists, musicians) are more susceptible to burnout and creative blocking than others. Our sense of play and joy and love for the act of creation is twisted in the need to create for success or money.

Fear shows up. We get flattened by the pressure of increasingly higher expectations. We become disillusioned by the process of getting our work out into the world.

At Creative Wellness Retreats, we bring you back to the joy of the creative process. While we want you to be monetarily successful, we also want you to be able to separate the art of creation from the act of making a living. Guided by information from your Myers-Briggs Temperament Type, we will offer insights and tools to help you not only deepen your process, but understand how to navigate your relationship with the business world in a way that won’t leave you burnt out and depleted.

Creative Wellness Retreats on Whidbey Island

Creative Wellness Retreats

Creative Wellness Retreats exist to teach you practical tools to go deeper into your creativity and learn how to protect yourself from burnout and creative blocking. If you’re already in burn out mode, our retreats for authors and artists will offer channels for healing your creativity, using effective techniques that are driven by your MBTI type.

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