I’ve been recently reminded of the importance of play throughout my work day. It’s so very easy to get bogged down with a to do list and all the very important things that must happen right now.

Thing is, when you step away, you have a chance to get a better perspective.

It’s a bit like staring into a lion’s open mouth. It’s easy to focus on those sharp teeth, that wet, scratchy tongue, those strong jaws that could easily tear your limbs off. But then you step away, and you begin to see the bars around the lion’s cage. And you step away a little more, and see he’s not so big. And you step away a little more, and see the cart of balloons and cotton candy right next to him.

Are you missing the balloons and cotton candy by focusing on the lion’s teeth too intently?

My daughter, as usual, is the one who gave me my reminder.

“Mommy, please do this yoga with me. It’s for kids, but I think you’ll like it.”

Well, okay. Yoga is actually on my list, but not until later in the evening, but I could move some things around and…oh.

It’s a story.

We’re acting out a story through yoga.

My day is suddenly, one hundred percent turned around.

Because we’re blowing raspberries and doing yoga.

Because I’m spending time with my daughter.

Because I’ve remembered my priorities.

And when I get back to my big to do list full of all the very important things, I realize that it’s not all really that important. I’m reminded of my favorite question, “To what end?”

Is all this busyness advancing me to my end goal – which is to have a peaceful life and enjoy my family and pursue my creative works?

Not really. No.

So in that spirit, Kerry and I have put together another virtual mini-retreat. But this time, this is one you can do while you’re at work.

We’re going to have “Choose Your Own Adventure” music breaks. There will be quick stretches you can do at the office for energy and creative challenges you can do at your desk. Kerry will lead us in some guided meditations throughout the day.

The goal of this mini-retreat is to help you find your focus again.

I promise, it’s not your To Do list.

Hump Day Oasis – A Virtual Mini-Retreat

When: Wednesday, March 6 (all day)

Where: The Creative Wellness Retreat Facebook page

Mark your calendar, set a reminder in your phone, because March 6 is a creative wellness day!