Creative Wellness Retreat Preview

A Retreat Focused on Your Myers-Briggs Type

Day 1

Check in starts at 4 pm. Get acquainted with your room at the beautiful Quintessa Inn, then meet your fellow retreaters during a fun sorting ceremony that will reveal the results of your Myers-Briggs assessment. Dinner, cocktails, and drinks provided.

Day 2

Join us for a morning meditation (or work on a creative project, go for a walk, sleep in, or do whatever feeds your soul). Informal breakfast will be provided, and then we'll get together as a group to explore how your Myers-Briggs preferences impact your creative process and your creative health. After lunch, you'll have the opportunity to work on individualized assignments on your own or in groups, or to collect and create items for a creativity treasure hunt. Individual coaching consults will also be offered during this time. Dinner will be served on the Veranda.

Day 3

Morning meditation offered to set the tone for the day, followed by an informal breakfast. Then we'll meet to look at some of the common creative blocks, including burnout. You'll learn tools, tips, and tricks to help refresh your creative soul and bring you back to love for your creative process. After lunch, you'll have individual assignments to work on your own or in groups. You can also look for treasure hunt items, work on a creative project, or choose down time. Individual coaching consults will be offered. An amazing chef-prepared dinner will be served on the Veranda.

Day 4

Opportunity for morning meditation, followed by an informal breakfast. We'll meet to take what we've learned about our Myers-Briggs types and our creative process to formulate intentions and goals and a plan for moving forward. Possible field trip after lunch, with time to work on individual assignments, have individual coaching consults, or finish up your treasure hunt. Weather permitting, dinner will be a Clambake on the Beach, followed by sharing Treasure Hunt discoveries and bringing it all together.

Unleash Your Creativity