One creativity-focused day. A mini-retreat that you can keep your PJ’s on for and do at your own pace.

A creativity retreat you can do at home.

This Saturday on Facebook, join us for a day of relaxing, of pampering, of doing what you NEED. Join us for a day when we let go of the guilt, and embrace our creative selves.

We’ll have a smorgasbord of simple pleasures designed to restore your creative soul.

Sample and select what pleases you and ignore the rest, guilt free. Indulge during small pockets of time, or luxuriate all day long. No need to leave home or spend a small fortune – it all happens online.

Kerry and I have some wonderful treats for your creativity in store for you. Just think of them as mini-power candies designed to give your creative well a little burst of magic.

Treats like:

  • A morning meditation
  • A creativity walk
  • Inspirational videos from your hosts
  • An evening relaxation session
  • Suggestions for restful sleep

How do these things feed your creativity?

Science says so.

Those super-smart scientists have proven that taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves creativity, but MORE THAN THAT…skipping those breaks leads to…

… stress…

… … exhaustion… …

… … … … creative block.

We want more for you. We believe you do, too.

So join us. We’re giving you a taste of what you can expect from one of our 3 and a half day retreats.

To sign up, simply go to this Facebook link and change the box that says Interested to Going.

Or, visit Kerry’s coaching site to sign up and get a reminder to attend the Facebook event.

We’re looking forward to this Saturday. And we hope you join us and invest in you.

Because you are worthy of a deeply creative life.