Is your creativity living a first class life? Or is it shabby and neglected?

disheveled woman eating gruel

I know how it usually goes—everything and everybody comes first. The kids, the cats, the puppy, making lunch for your partner, shopping, day jobbing, cleaning. Of course all of those things are important! I get that!

But so is your creativity. When’s the last time it got your full attention?

Is it languishing in the ashes, like a neglected Cinderella?  Stuffed in a drawer waiting to see the light of day? Hung up in a half-typed paragraph on your computer? Half starved and trying to stay alive on a diet of thin, tasteless gruel like Oliver Twist?

Maybe it’s all tangled up in a wad of despair and disillusionment and doubt.

Your creative life deserves better. YOU deserve better. And you know what? If you nurture your creativity, your family will be better for it and so will the world around you—because you are meant to be creative, and you can’t be your best, most awesome self when your creativity is starving and neglected and shivering in a corner.

On the other hand, maybe you and your creativity are actually getting along like the heroine and hero in a romance novel. That’s fantastic!! The world is brighter and the colors are more vibrant and you have a sense of fulfilment because you and your creativity were always meant to be together and now you and woman embracing

couple watching TV and reading

Possibly you’re somewhere in the middle – you have a long standing marriage with your creative self. The two of you have an understanding and a commitment, but some of the passion has gone out of it and you miss that old spark.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, our spring Creative Wellness Retreat on beautiful Whidbey Island (just outside of Seattle) offers an opportunity for you to spend precious, quality time with your creativity.

Whether you need healing, a little extra boost, or a honeymoon getaway to keep those fires burning, this unique retreat is for you.

Here’s what you’ll get with your Creative Wellness Retreat registration:

  • 4 nights and 3 ½ days of tranquility, artfully designed to refill your creative well with experiential sessions individualized for your unique brand of creativity, plus built in time for individual reflection or creative activity.
  • Delicious, catered meals (with no need to do dishes afterwards)
  • Accommodations in a secluded mansion where you can daydream on the veranda, wander the beautiful grounds, or walk to the ocean (only a mile away)
  • Myers-Briggs temperament assessment and programming individualized to your unique temperament profile
  • One-on-one coaching to work on whatever is most important to you
  • Optional guided morning meditation and evening relaxation sessions, including professional tips on improving the quality of your sleep
  • During our experiential programming you’ll let go of that energy-draining battle with your inner critic, discover and experience five essential elements of ongoing creative health, and get acquainted with your unique creative process

PLUS, because we really want to foster your creative passion, if you book on or before February 3, we’re offering the following:

  • Savings of $100 on the retreat
  • An extra free individual coaching session with Kerry before the retreat
  • 50 page developmental edit OR 60 minute marketing strategy session with Christina
  • Free 3 month membership in Write at Your Edge, a paid membership group for writers that features virtual write ins, support, and encouragement for writers.

This is a $500 bonus value!

About your facilitators

I’m Kerry Schafer, your facilitator, and I can’t wait to share these life altering experiences with you. I’m a bestselling author (as my alter ego Kerry Anne King), and I’m a certified Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, a certified Myers-Briggs facilitator, and I’m also a licensed mental health counselor and an RN. You can see more about me and my coaching here.

What matters more than my alphabet, though, is that I’ve been in a place of despair about my writing. I’ve been the mom writing in the playroom and during soccer and theater practice. I’ve written during a bout with breast cancer and after the death of my husband. I’ve had novels published that flopped and I’ve been on the bestseller lists. So I know the depletion and the burn out and the despair, but I’ve learned some amazing secrets and processes over the years that make everything SO MUCH EASIER and more joyful.

I don’t get to time travel back and do it all over again, but I can teach these things to you and make your creative life easier, and that gets me excited.

My co-facilitator, Christina Delay, is an award-winning author who also leads retreats around the world with Cruising Writers. After studying her Myers-Briggs type, she began a process to creative and emotional healing and relearning how to be creatively open to life’s opportunities. She combines her retreat leadership and event planning skills to create events that retreaters can fully relax at, feel comfortable in, and use the time to deepen their writing craft knowledge and understanding of their own creativity while also forging life long relationships.

Make 2019 the year of your creativity

Even if you believe retreats are for “other writers,” even if you’re an introvert, even if you don’t quite believe that your creative health is worth the money, this is your opportunity to commit to your creative life.

Do yourself and your creativity a favour and book your retreat now! Don’t delay, because this special offer ends on February 4.