Your Life Can Be Beautiful, Deep, Creative...
Your Creative Life is Waiting.
Now is your time.

Why a Creative Wellness Retreat?

What if you could make the shift from frustrated, unfulfilled, and doubtful about your creative life to enthusiastic, passionate, and deeply in love with your work?


Remember that amazing emotion of being in love? Stolen kisses, notes under the table, sneaking away to spend a moment together...ahhhh...


Imagine experiencing that kind of passion with your creative life.


Picture yourself rushing to your writing chair with anticipation and glee, wondering what you’ll create next.


Daydreaming about your artistic vision in the shower, while doing dishes, folding laundry, and cleaning the cat box.


Or maybe sneaking away from those chores for a secret rendezvous with your creative calling.


At Creative Wellness Retreats, we think of ourselves as creativity matchmakers, ready and waiting to help you and your creative self reconnect in a deep and intimate way.

On April 4-8 we are offering you 3 ½ days and 4 nights of restorative experiences on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington, designed to transform your creative life forever.


  • We’ll introduce you to your Myers-Briggs temperament type and show you how to use that information to connect more deeply with your unique creative process.
  • We’ll show you how you can transform your bossy, nagging, disruptive inner critic into a creative ally
  • We’ll make sure you have plenty of down time to sneak away for one-on-one time with your creative work
  • And we’ll offer you experiences designed to refill and rejuvenate your creative well.


This is your time to woo and romance your creative life instead of relegating it to odd moments and end of the day energy.


When you invest in our Creative Wellness Retreat, you’ll get:


  • 4 nights of accommodations at a beautiful, exclusive Inn on Whidbey Island (just outside of Seattle, WA)
  • Delicious catered meals (no cooking or dishes for you)
  • A one-on-one coaching session with Kerry
  • Myers-Briggs Personality assessment with detailed report
  • 3 ½ days of experiential, transformative programming with lots of down time built in
  • A follow up, online group coaching experience to support your transformation
  • A renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated creative life
Who are we anyway, and what do we know about Creative Wellness?
I’m Kerry Schafer, and I can’t wait to share these life altering experiences with you. I’m a bestselling author (as my alter ego Kerry Anne King), and I’m also a certified Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, a certified Myers-Briggs facilitator, a licensed mental health counselor and an RN. You can see more about me and my coaching here.
What matters more than my alphabet is that I’ve been the mom writing in the playroom and during soccer and theater practice. I’ve written during a bout with breast cancer and after the death of my husband. I’ve written around the demands of a day job. I’ve had novels published that flopped and I’ve been on the bestseller lists. So I know the depletion and the burn out and the despair, but I’ve learned some amazing secrets and processes over the years that make everything SO MUCH EASIER and more joyful.
I don’t get to time travel back and do it all over again, but I can teach these things to you and make your creative life easier, and that gets me excited.
And I’m Christina Delay, an award-winning author who also leads retreats around the world with Cruising Writers. Learning my Myers-Briggs type,(INFJ), was a life changing experience for me that began a process of creative and emotional healing and relearning how to be creatively open to life’s opportunities. I bring years of retreat leadership and event planning skills to this creative wellness retreat so that you can fully relax, feel comfortable, and use the time to deepen your relationships with your unique creative process while also forging life long relationships.

Kerry Schafer, Creativity Coach

Christina Delay, Retreat Leader

Not Quite Convinced?

We get that.


This retreat is a brand new offering and how can you really know how awesome it’s going to be until you get there?


We can’t offer you testimonials from previous retreaters before out first retreat, but we are delighted to share a few love notes from happy clients who have experienced our other offerings:


 “Huge thanks to Kerry Schafer for helping me across the finish line—if you’re ever stuck, I HIGHLY recommend her creativity coaching!”



"Christina Delay and her staff exceeded my expectations. They created a comfortable social atmosphere... As an introvert, I came into this concerned about spending a week with strangers in the middle of the ocean. But after the first night, I was already comfortable and fully engaged in the experience."

~Jason Beymer, Fantasy Author


“After spending several years on an impossible book, I finally finished it. I feel so liberated that I finally sorted it out, and found my way through. Kerry started me on the path.”



My first retreat with Cruising Writers to the South of France was everything I expected, AND MORE! Well organized, attentive, current and vital content with room for some personal time to explore too!

~Shana Gray, author


This is not your typical retreat.
We believe that our Creative Wellness Retreats are as unique as your creative process.
This is the only retreat we know of that leverages your Myers-Briggs temperament type to show you how to work with your creative strengths instead of against them.
It’s the only retreat we know of that will guide you through experiences of forgiveness, guided meditation, and tapping therapy designed to help you transform doubt, anxiety, and negative internal chatter into confidence. 
It’s the only retreat we know of that combines all of this with an abundance of downtime so you can rest or explore your creativity on your own, instead of filling up your schedule with programming. 
You could try to rest and refresh at home, but we know from experience that this course of action tends to end in frustration and strained relationships with your family and friends, who inevitably will need you to help them with everything if they see you resting and refreshing.
You could carry on as you are, at war with your inner critic, fighting with procrastination and avoidance and doubt, feeling flat and trapped and miserable. 
You could spend your time and money at a conference focused on programming and networking. You’ll learn a lot, but miss out on the transformative healing experiences that can help you create a new life from the inside.
With our Creative Wellness Retreat, you’ll be investing in your creative self and learning to trust your own unique creative process so that you’ll have the energy and inspiration to live your most creative life. 

Here's Why You Can't Afford to Wait

Life is short and the world needs you—the whole, beautiful, unique, creative you. And it needs you now, not on some mythical future day when golden gifts of time and confidence suddenly drop into your lap.


The truth is, nobody can give you that—except you.

You’re strong, we know you are. And you could probably carry on as you are for years, trying to power through the demoralizing chatter from your inner critic, resenting all of the things that keep you from your creative life and maybe even coming to resent your own creativity.


You can take classes, go to programming intensive conferences and learn new elements of craft and skill, hoping they will offer the solutions that will bring you to a place of creative freedom.


Or, you can slay the what ifs, the doubts, the “will I ever be able to do its” and make the choice to invest in your creative health right now.


Our Creative Wellness Retreat on Whidbey Island offers healing, creativity affirming experiences to bring you back to the love of your creative process – because love makes everything easier.


Maybe you think spending 3 ½ days and 4 nights focused on nurturing your creative life is a luxury...


Maybe you think your creative self isn’t worth it, or doesn’t deserve it.

Maybe you believe retreats are for other people, but not for you.

Maybe you’re not used to investing money in yourself and your creative health.


Or maybe this is:


  • your chance to finally accept and revel in the knowledge that your creative self is unique, beautiful, and has something essential to offer to the world.
  • your opportunity to transform your inner critic into a supportive ally who helps you deepen your creative vision, instead of blocking you at every frustrating turn.
  • your time to accept that your creative life really matters.

Let's Daydream for a Minute

The day is April 8, 2020, a year after the Whidbey Island retreat.


You are celebrating yourself and your life with a favorite beverage and a pint of that high-end designer ice cream.



Because you are living the creative life you’ve always wanted.


You’ve freed yourself from demoralizing self-talk, procrastination, and avoidance.  


You’re in love with your creative life. 


Your family and friends are inspired by your newfound creative energy, and are learning from you that they, too, can prioritize their creativity.


You’re amazed at the way finding time for your creative life frees you to also find time and energy for your responsibilities.


Let’s carry on our little reverie...


You wake up in the morning buzzing with gleeful anticipation about what you will create today, joyously inhabiting your own creative skin


You continue the day, not a person beset with procrastination and avoidance, but a creative person living a creative life.


What if it really is possible to create this day, this life, this existence?


Our Creative Wellness Retreat is designed to get you into alignment with your deepest creative self, to help you finally break free from demoralizing self-talk, procrastination, and avoidance, even if you've never been to a retreat before and even if you don't believe your talent if significant enough to deserve the investment.


Sign up now to join us on Whidbey Island on April 4. 

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